A Welcome Distraction

It’s summertime. It’s hot. With Israel’s Operation Protective Edge escalating to where its Defense Forces’ air, sea, and now ground troops are fully engaged in its goal to end Hamas’ terrorism against Israeli citizens, tensions are extremely high. Nerves are frayed. Daily life is frantic. Jews around the world are stressed out and worried. Especially with Red Alert sirens continually going off on my phone, it’s difficult to think about anything but this war.

It’s summertime. It’s hot. It’s supposed to be a slower pace and quiet. I thought my days at work were going to be low-key; focused on planning and preparing for a new fiscal year. I thought my evenings and weekends were going to be filled with lying by the pool, working on my tan, and taking long walks with the dogs. Well, maybe in August.

Thankfully I have one welcome distraction that halts the commotion of my workdays and keeps me grounded. Our son is getting married Labor Day Weekend – regardless of what may be happening in or around the world.

It is customary for the parents of the groom to host a rehearsal dinner. And it’s our privilege to do so. That means securing a venue (check!); planning a menu (check!); finding a florist (check!); ordering and sending out invitations (check!); and printing out seating cards (haven’t started these yet!) for a celebratory pre-wedding dinner for close family, the bridal party, and guests from out-of-town. I am working diligently on making it a nice, simple, warm, cozy affair. Well, sort of.

As it turns out, our entire family is from out-of-town. No relatives of ours live in Georgia. And, with the out-of-town invitees of the bride, groom, and bride’s parents, our “intimate” dinner will include almost one hundred and eighty people. Yup, one hundred and eighty people…just a tad higher than I originally thought it would be. But, despite the numbers, I’m doing my best to make it haimish (relaxed and unpretentious.) Ultimately, what’s important is what we all will be celebrating, right?

The RSVPs have started trickling in and the accompanying comments make me smile. During these turbulent times, it’s nice to read the wishes of mazal tov, love, happiness, along with enthusiasm over sharing a simcha. They remind me that, even as we fear and worry about so many things, we also can make time to party and rejoice. I am extremely grateful that we have this wonderful celebration to which to look forward.

It’s summertime. It’s hot. And I’m worried about so many people and things these days.

Hey! Did I mention that I had a pretty Dupioni silk outfit made to wear at the rehearsal dinner?  Now I just have to buy a new pair of shoes for it, finalize the floral arrangements, and lose five more pounds. I have to get moving. I only have a month to go…

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