The Year of Blogging

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging for a full year. Who ever would have imagined (besides my father) that I’d become a writer?

My blogging started as a way for me to chronicle the search for my paternal ancestors. I learned so much about them that I wanted to consolidate it all for future generations. The stories of them – as individuals who faced tremendous challenges, as immigrants who came to Boston from Russia, as a family that grew and lost touch, and as Jews who are part of a fascinating history – simply had to be documented. So, I started writing.

From there, however, my posts wandered to other topics and I challenged myself to write something every week. My blog became a way for me to record diary-like entries, conversations with family and friends, and rants and raves. I tried to write thoughtfully, personally, non-controversially, and in a style that emulates the way I speak. It was (and is) my hope that, years from now when I’m gone, a few grandchildren or great grandchildren will read my words and feel like they knew me.

As I review the past year of writing, I was curious about which of my posts were most read. The WordPress site that “houses” my blog tracks a variety of interesting statistics, so I thought – in the spirit of summarizing the year – I’d share the top twelve with you.

  1. Sex…Kosher Style – A husband’s obligation to satisfy his wife sexually
  2. The Signs Were There – The ill-fated start of my sister’s marriage and subsequent divorce
  3. Lost – Depression and the suicide of a high school friend
  4. The High Cost of Being Jewish – The expense of, and price we often pay, for being Jewish
  5. On Blood Pressure, Health and Sex – My husband’s high blood pressure and his research on the link between health and sex (written by him)
  6. Memories and Mourning – The sudden loss of a special cousin
  7. My Bashert – Dating and marrying my high school sweetheart
  8. Guilty Pleasures – The benefits of make up sex
  9. The Light That Guides – Shedding light on what makes my brother (a rabbi) so special
  10. Owning My Own Mistakes – A Father’s Day Card – My brother’s reflections on his parenting skills versus to our father’s (written by him)
  11. Thoughts of Hanukkah – Dedication and the spirit of the holiday
  12. Raising Successful Children – Modeling successful adult behavior and avoiding over-parenting

Given this list, it seems my readers are most interested in topics relating to sex, marriage, parenting, divorce, death…and Hanukkah. Alternatively, it may mean that it was a slow news day on the days I wrote those pieces. (Either way, if you haven’t read or want to reread any of these posts, simply click on the titles. Of course you can check out my forty-eight other posts too!)

I don’t know what the New Year will hold for my blog. Sometimes I think I’ve said enough and resolve to stop writing; other times I think I should push myself – and my readers – with more controversial topics and discussions. Either way, I’ve enjoyed this experimental and creative journey with you.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for “Liking.” Thank you for the wonderful comments, thoughts, and sentiments you’ve shared with me this year. Your feedback has pushed me to be a better, more thoughtful, and a more considerate writer. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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