About This Blog

So many times, things will happen in life and I’ll say, “No one would believe this! I have to write this down.” So I started doing just that.

This blog is my way of capturing things that happen in daily life. Things that make me happy; things that annoy me; things I ponder; things I’ve experienced.

My perspective comes mostly from the work I’ve done and the people with whom I associate. In my 20’s I worked for IBM; in my 30’s I co-owned a sales training and consulting firm; in my 40’s I earned a master’s degree in Jewish Studies and began to volunteer (and then work) in the not-for-profit Jewish world. Now that I’m in my EARLY 50’s (and since I’m immersed in Jewish stuff daily), my writing is filtered and colored by the way I see the world. I love, laugh, and live with unabashed passion.

I write about people and situations as I come to know and understand them — in a candid, uncensored and open fashion. I do my best to offer lessons I’ve learned so they may help others. Mostly importantly, I write for my future grandchildren and great grandchildren…in case they never get the chance to meet or know me.

I’m not a psychologist, an author, a self-help guru, a rabbi, or a professor. I’m just someone who tries to use a little common sense and isn’t afraid to listen, question, analyze or speak her mind.

Thanks for reading.

Cheri Scheff Levitan