Shades of Doubt

Was it a cultural disconnection? Was it a planetary misalignment (as in, he’s from Mars and she’s from Venus)? Was it because he has a laid back persona (“It’s okay…”) and she doesn’t?

Frankly, it doesn’t matter. There is a consensus among the female public: Juan Pablo is a jerk!

We all know that “reality TV” is, more often than not, far from reality; especially in “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” series.  Most of us would never succumb to dating someone if he or she were dating many others at the same time. Most of us who are post-college aged would never agree to live for weeks on end in a house with competitive members of the same gender. Most of us don’t have (or hire) a TV network to plan creative or romantic dates in exotic locations for us. Most of us don’t agree to spend a night in a “fantasy suite” (a Christian Grey playroom?) as the world watches and wonders exactly what will take place behind the bedroom door, beyond the eyes of the cameras and crew. Yet, it seems that every female on this year’s show (and most participants of previous seasons) was hoping to fall in love and marry into a fairytale “happily ever after” with the hunky Latino, who also is a single father and former professional soccer player.

Not so this time. Rightly or wrongly, it seems that Juan Pablo Galavis simply is happy playing – and remaining – the bachelor.  Although the season won’t conclude until next week, it’s clear from his shallow nature, questionable character, and self-absorbed behaviors that we won’t be invited to watch his TV wedding any time soon.

So, what happened? Andi Dorfman, the young, Jewish, assistant district attorney from Atlanta (whoo hoo!) called “foul!” and took herself out of the game with style and flair! After her one-on-one overnight with you-know-who, she knew he wasn’t marriage material or even serious about finding “true love.” Huffington Post described Juan Pablo and the situation perfectly:  “He’s just your run-of-the-mill, selfish, sexist prick. He talked about other women, used honesty [and a language barrier] as an excuse for making thoughtless comments…and seemed completely uninterested in who [Andi] really was as a person, brushing off her concerns with an “ess oh-kay.” The next morning, Andi sat J-P down, gave him a piece of her mind, and left Fantasy Island.

Andi Dorfman deserves a round of applause and many thanks for teaching something to women around the globe. She knows that she wants – and is entitled to – more; a man who cares as much – or more – about her than himself. She has a religion, values, beliefs, and opinions that she wants to share with someone who is interested.

True love and a genuine longterm relationship are worth waiting for. In this Season 18 of “The Bachelor,” Andi exemplified that truth. She was the true star.


4 thoughts on “Shades of Doubt

  1. Loved your blog!! Didn’t know Andi was Jewish–maybe that’s why she had the “chutzpah” to tell him off! Did she set herself up to be the next Bachelorette????


  2. Never saw the show, did not know who the bachelor was, but this I do know: Andi totally rocks and should be celebrated for her magnificent womanhood, The fact that she is Jewish, nu what else should she be? 🙂


  3. After hearing Andi try to drag something out of JP that next morning, this is what I gathered between the lines. It made no sense that she was going on and on with him, really saying nothing trying to make a point. Then finally the Aha moment, “do you know what religion I practice.” Oy! Her whole deal, it was all about the religion. She’s Jewish, which he didn’t even know (or care it seems) and he’s NOT! That night with no camera’s, one of the Final Four a short few elimination from a ring on the finger and no conversation about the Catholic daughter, where would we get married, who would marry us, would there be a Chuppah? How would we raise out children, would I have to go to church, would you want me to CONVERT!! What a Shanda! No wonder Hy was such a skeptic.


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