Cleaning House

A Huffington Post article caught my attention this week. The title, “9 Items You Won’t Need For Your Home in 2015,” intrigued me. After all, since one of my resolutions this year is to “clean house,” I was curious to learn about some things I may be harboring, but no longer need. After all, since one of my resolutions this year is to “clean house,” I was curious to learn about some things I may be harboring, but no longer need.

From the nine, here’s the list of six that spoke to me:

  1. Cable TV

It’s true that one can easily watch movies, favorite television shows, games, etc. on the computer today. But I’m not getting rid of my cable any time soon.

That said, what about old TVs? I am embarrassed to confess that we still have, in good working condition, an old black and white TV that my sister and ex-brother-in-law bought us in 1983; a Hitachi television that I won in a sales contest in 1986 when I worked for IBM; and, in the basement, we have a big screen TV that we bought in 2002 in honor of our son’s bar mitzvah weekend. OMG! Why do we still have this stuff? Sentimental value?? 

  1. Printers

Yes, it is factually correct that it’s easy to minimize the use of paper today. Smart phones and tablets will enable you to store and quickly retrieve everything from boarding passes to credit card numbers. But, completely get rid of printers? I don’t think so…not just yet.

Uh, but what about the four or five printers around the house – and the two fax machines – that the kids left behind, are old, or are even broken? Yikes!

  1. Desktop Computers

With this one, I totally agree. As a matter of fact, as I write this blog on my laptop, my husband is sitting across from me doing work on his.

Then why do I still have three desktop computers around the house? Geez.

  1. Exercise Equipment

Okay, okay…does anyone want to buy my HealthRider or Total Gym? Enough said.

  1. Takeout Menus

This is SO true. Why does the Chinese restaurant send a menu home with every takeout order? Menus are all online today. (And, if a restaurant doesn’t have a good website with an online menu, you probably shouldn’t eat there anyway!) It’s time to make space in the drawer and throw out all of menus I’ve been saving.

  1. Cookbooks

For reasons that are similar to “Takeout Menus,” cookbooks aren’t necessary any more. (It’s especially funny that I have a whole shelf full when I don’t really cook!) There are great apps available and wonderful websites with tons of recipes today. My favorites are the ones that even generate your shopping list for the ingredients.

*   *   *

For now, this is all I can handle. But, if I get rid of this stuff, I’ll feel like I accomplished something good. I shudder to imagine my kids cleaning out the house when we’re gone (God forbid!) and finding all this stuff still here!!!

Honey…guess what we are doing this weekend….

One thought on “Cleaning House

  1. Cherie, your comments resonate with me! We’re trying to declutter our house of 46 years of “stuff” in anticipation of downsizing. It’s a daunting task and, although we’ve gotten rid of a lot, it hasn’t made a significant dent in our possessions. My advice–begin NOW while you’re still young and healthy enough to schlep the cartons out of the basement!

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