A Mother’s Day 

I’m sitting in the kitchen of my empty house and am contemplating the fact that Mother’s Day is on Sunday.

Last year, my kids surprised me by coming into town for Mother’s Day. They unfortunately won’t be repeating the performance this year. I can’t complain though. I saw them all for Passover just two weeks ago and even got to see my daughter again last weekend too. I know they love me — and they know I adore them. So, even if they physically won’t be with me, I will embrace the day.

How? By throwing out more of their childhood stuff. (Some mother, huh?) An empty dumpster is on my driveway and I intend to fill it before the end of this weekend. I’m on a mission.

To be fair, I owe you an update. It’s official. We are moving. After weeks and months of back and forth, we finally brokered a deal with the bank that owns the house (it foreclosed on it over two years ago) we wanted to buy. We hope to close on it next Friday.

The new house will not resemble either of the two family homes in which my children lived. There won’t be a swing-set or playhouse in the backyard. There won’t be a basketball hoop in the driveway. There won’t be a soccer goal in the side yard. There won’t be a pool table, pinball machine, or PlayStation in the basement and there won’t be stains on the carpet from pool parties. The new house will not have bedrooms with bunk- or canopy beds or rooms painted in primary or pastel colors. There won’t be bookshelves lined with trophies, children’s books, model cars, Disney videos, or sports memorabilia. The walls will not boast pictures of sports teams, graduations, or family affairs. There won’t be bikes, bats, or balls in the garage. There won’t be screams of children’s laughter or noise echoing through its rooms (unless grandchildren appear sooner than expected!).

No…the new house will not resemble a family home. It will be decidedly grown up and appropriate for empty-nesters. I confess that I’m a bit worried that it may seem somewhat “lifeless” without the obvious presence of children, but feel comforted in knowing that the few boxes of precious “I cannot part with them” possessions and memories will be safely stored in the basement…just in case I need to take a trip down memory lane. And, I hope the occasional wild parties or dinner gatherings I intend to start holding will mitigate the quiet.

So, Sunday is the last Mother’s Day that I will spend in this family home. There won’t be any kids here to celebrate. There won’t be any breakfast in bed, fresh cut flowers, homemade cards, or awkwardly wrapped presents. There won’t be anything to save and put on shelves. But, there’ll be lots of new things to buy and new memories to create in a new place very soon.

There’s an empty dumpster is in my driveway and I intend to fill it before the end of this weekend. I’m on a mission. I can’t wait to start a new chapter!

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