Open Windows

It’s only been two weeks, but the rhythm of my life has changed. My attitudes and perspectives have been altered.

My commute to work only takes fifteen minutes now. It used to be forty-five to sixty. With the extra time, I now can exercise or walk the dogs in the morning. I can take longer showers and plan out my day. I can linger over a cappuccino and catch up on the news. I can easily set off for an early morning breakfast meeting. I arrive at work far more relaxed and ready to face the day.

The location of my new house offers different daily adventures…unfamiliar traffic patterns to anticipate, new grocery stores to sample, more diverse restaurants to try, previously inaccessible in-town parks to stroll, and new neighbors to meet.

The novelty and freshness of all of these experiences have removed me from routines that I didn’t even realize had become predictable and boring. Life has suddenly become more fun.

*     *     *

Mishaneh makom, mishaneh mazal...over the past two weeks this Hebrew saying has frequently popped into my head. It’s literal translation is “change your place, change your luck.” To me it means that changing your perspective – altering the way you experience things – can bring about new feelings and opportunities.

New furniture, dishes, outfits, activities, relationships, responsibilities…new is good. New is a chance to “clean house.” New is a chance to start over. And you don’t have to move to a new house to experience “new.” There are many ways to “change your place;” you just have to open your mind, be willing, and be creative.

Sometimes “new” feels uncomfortable and far from perfect. The unfamiliar, and change in general, can be disconcerting. But I believe that true progress – the ability to make things happen – requires a leap of faith and the willingness to dream big.

Mishaneh makom, mishaneh mazal…try something new and see what can happen.

2 thoughts on “Open Windows

  1. Thank You Cheri!!! Your perspectives about life’s changes helped me look forward rather than backward. As I watched a beloved family heirloom being taken out of my house last night by strangers. I asked my Mother z’l to forgive me for not making room for the desk in our new place while repeating in my head “It’s only a piece of furniture.” Here’s to moving forward into the new year with new hope & renewed excitement.

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