A Slow Week

I kicked off the new year with a trip to Florida to hang out with my parents and grandparents. My current (albeit temporary) state of unemployment has given me the gift of time and I wanted to share some of it with them. And so, here I am…the four of them and me…in one house…for an entire week.

I’ve noticed that time is paced differently here. Everything happens more slowly. It takes longer to get in and out of cars. Conversations are protracted, especially because words must be repeated (to accommodate those who are hard-of-hearing.) Meals last longer. Walking anywhere requires a leisurely stroll. And no one is on a smartphone – texting, talking, emailing, or googling – for even close to the amount of time that I’m accustomed to spending.

Their early dinners and bedtimes have given me plenty of quiet hours to think…to reflect back and assess. At the same time, my thoughts have drifted to the future…to things I’d like to do — to enjoy as much as possible — over the next fifteen years of my life.

I know I will find another endeavor about which to be passionate. I need to be doing work where I can bring joy and value to others; and reap them in return. I believe it is possible to pull together the skills I’ve developed over the last thirty-three years of experiences and use them to do something awesome.

While my work will always mean a lot to me, it cannot be everything. I want to invest more waking hours in relationships that matter. I must make time to exercise daily; care for my mental and physical needs . (I am swearing off bagels, ruggelach, and all of the other crap I at this week!) And, of course, I have to push a few limits and check off some “bucket list” items. I want to:

  • Skydive
  • See the wonders of the world
  • Get a tattoo
  • Learn to drive a motorcycle
  • Spend a night in a private villa on a secluded beach
  • Own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes
  • Kiss a stranger
  • Laugh until I cry
  • Dance the hora at my daughter’s wedding

I truly have valued every minute of this week in Florida. But I still have much to do and time is ticking.

On Monday I’ll get busy updating my resume.

2 thoughts on “A Slow Week

  1. Cheri, so enjoy your stories. You are a gifted writer and perhaps you should use that amazing talent more extensively in your next endeavor.

    May 2017 bring you much joy and passion. And, get that tattoo this year!! I’ve thought about the same and plan to get a matching one with Ben next time in NYC!

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