Goodbye Google

My son forwarded this screen shot:


At first, I wasn’t sure what I was seeing, I looked at the upper white section. Then I read the lower blue section. And I immediately became furious.

For those of you who can’t read the Hebrew, let me translate. The asked question actually is “How long will it take [the delivery] to arrive in the Land of Israel.” Google Translate called Israel “Palestine.”

Now, please allow me to explain. The Land of Israel was declared the State of Israel almost 70 years ago. It is not called Palestine. So what do we make of this translation? Does Google not know Hebrew? Does Google not know that there is no Palestine? Is Google making a political statement (and being anti-Zionistic in the process) that Israel should actually be Palestine? Is Google using a “politically correct” way of being antisemitic? Was this just an innocent mistake? Regardless, Google is going to hear from me. I’ve had enough of this kind of stuff.

* * *

Five students from a private school in Atlanta were suspended, with one being expelled, for playing a drinking game…and not because they are underage. The game, Beer Pong, featured two teams, Nazis against Jews, and is nicknamed “Alcoholocaust.” A picture of the match appeared on social media.


It caught national attention, especially after what happened in Charlottesville. Charlottesville. Right here in America in 2017. White nationalists, complete with the presence of Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis, gathered to “Unite the Right.” They ended up face-to-face with counter-protesters. Full-blown violence (and death) erupted with overt displays of racism and antisemitism.

So what is going on? Kids who display racist or antisemitic tendencies have learned them from adults; presumably their parents. Adults who engage in these words or actions are making a point. And it’s not that they merely are intolerant. Whether out of ignorance, denial, or a lack of understanding, they are blaming others for things that impact themselves negatively. Their angry feelings turn into distrust…meanness…hate…violence. And they recruit others, because misery loves company.

Don’t be confused. Racism and antisemitism are about hatred. Pure and simple. And when you’re disliked or hated — because of who you are — you feel it. You know it. And it’s not okay.

Google…I’m calling you out here and now. I don’t need you…or Gmail…or Google Docs…I’ll give my hard-earned dollars and precious mindshare to a company who truly appreciates all of its customers. You owe fourteen million people an apology.

Writer’s Note:  On Friday, when I posted this blog entry, I was upset (maybe overly harsh) with Google. Well, I am happy to report that social media worked like magic — both here and in Israel! “Jewish googlers” saw this post, passed it around, and escalated the issue. A plausible (and very technical) explanation involving “‘machine-trained’ translation algorithms” was offered. Suffice it to say, I tested it again and the sentence now translates correctly. Problem solved!! To all of the “Jewish googlers” (you know who you are!), your fellow MOTs thank you for your help and support. And to Google, we are now good. 

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