Loving Love

We discovered a painter named Torabi. He created a series called Sevda. To quote him, “Sevda is a Turkish word meaning the idea or feeling of loving love…the same way one wakes from a dream and tries to recall that delicate fleeting sense of something [one] never wants to forget.”

When we saw his painting of a dancing woman, we knew what he meant. Her black hair and red dress immediately evoked memories of the flamenco dancer we saw in Madrid. I found myself back in the dark smoky bar and felt my heart pounding with the beat of her music. I fell in love with and was mesmerized by her…wishing I could be her. The artist’s choice of colors and technique belied the happy, confident, sensual motion of someone lost in his — as well as her — craft. The piece certainly woke me up. It now hangs on our wall and makes me feel happy every day.


I truly admire artists who can create masterpieces that evoke ideas or feelings.

*     *     *

Speaking of artists…It’s a cool, overcast November day. The world outside my window depicts full complement and range of fall colors…shades of golden yellows, mossy greens, burnt oranges, flaming reds, burgundies and tannish browns. The Greatest-Artist-of-All-Time had a great eye and sense of structure when designing nature. I am surrounded by my palette…my season…my happy place. And I eagerly am awaiting Thanksgiving.

The idea of it alone conjures up wonderful memories and great anticipation. My menu is set. I bought new dishes to celebrate the first Thanksgiving in this home. Ingredients for favorite recipes already are in the pantry and fridge. I look forward to the mouth-watering aromas that will permeate the house. Guest and bathrooms are clean and ready to welcome company. My children are coming to town from Chicago and I’m especially excited that my baby sister and her husband are coming in from Israel. It’ll be awesome to drink, eat, talk and give thanks around the big table. I can’t wait! I love this feeling of loving…loving family, friends, good food and good times.

I am SO grateful and thankful this year. My new house and style of living have made room for new adventures. My new job has been fulfilling; I feel valued and challenged. My friends – new and old – add meaning, different perspectives and fun to my days. My family keeps me grounded, gives me immense joy and reminds me that I’m part of something much larger than myself. I feel loved. I feel blessed. I hope these feelings will continue for years to come. I love love.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.   


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