A Kiss at Midnight

It’s New Year’s Eve day. It’s windy. It’s rainy. I don’t care. I’m in Paris.

Paris…the city of romance, great wine, soufflés and freshly baked croissants. This trip is a whim. A stopover from Point A (Atlanta) to Point B (Tel Aviv). A form of doing something different. A way to be spontaneous (sort of). A chance to change one’s perspective. A jump at taking advantage of an opportunity. There is no agenda; no “must do.” I’m here to stroll, to think, to plan and just to be.

Oh yes…I also am here to be kissed at midnight in view of the Eiffel Tower’s lights. (Cross this off the Bucket List!)

The kiss is important. It is not “just a kiss.” It’s a New Year’s Eve tradition. An intimacy without words. A way to connect with something; with someone. A promise to start anew. Warm lips firmly on mine, quieting the exuberance of the night (my husband got the right of first refusal and chose wisely) as the clock strikes twelve, will be icing on the cake of 2017.

This year flew by. It began with sadness and unknowns, yet concluded with new accomplishments and wonderful memories. A friend commented on how much nicer, calmer, happier and relaxed I’ve become. I know she’s right; I feel the difference too. I made time to wonder, question, explore and savor. My heart and mind were open, full and present.

I have high expectations for 2018. And so, I face the day with excitement in anticipation of the approach of midnight. I welcome the count-down and will embrace the year ahead with joy.

Let’s seal it with a kiss!

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