Butt Paste

It’s like riding a bike. Eighteen days into being a Bubbie and it’s all come back. The diapering…feeding…burping…bathing…swaddling…it was easy for me thirty years ago and is equally so now. In virtually no time at all, I fell back into the groove. But this time around, I get to sleep through the night and don’t have to worry about expenses!!!

The road to good parenting and/or caring for a baby, however, has changed a bit from “the old days.”

When my babies were born, I was under strict orders to stay at home with the newborn to bond, rest, and recuperate. Visitors were to be kept to a minimum.

Today, there is more for interpretation in these areas.

When I had my babies, using cloth diapers was still a thing. Disposable diapers were much more expensive and frowned upon because they were bad for the environment. (Admittedly, I used Pampers too.)

Today, millennial moms can’t be bothered. To them, cloth diapers are called burp cloths and are only used to catch and wipe “spit-up.” 

When I had my babies, there was one basic type of baby wipe.

Today, there are water-based wipes that don’t sting or burn and aloe-based wipes that actually soothe and protect.

When my babies developed a diaper rash, our “go to” was Desitin. It was shmeared on the shiny red inflamed tush to act as a barrier to the harsh irritants. Its zinc oxide worked magic in a day or two. If the rash was really bad, cornstarch was sprinkled on top of the Desitin to hold it in place and form an extra barrier against moisture.

Today, there’s a wider variety of butt pastes. And, using cornstarch or baby powder is a big no-no as it may cause asthma.  (Who knew??)

And of course, today there are all kinds of clothing items and contraptions that we didn’t have when my babies were born. Heck, smart phones and tablets didn’t even exist back then.

All that said, the basics are still the same. Babies – to grow and thrive – require appropriate nourishment, sleep, warmth, protection, care, and…above all else…nurturing. The approaches and techniques (and opinions) to achieve all of these may differ, but the HOW is less important than the WHY. No one can argue with the benefits derived from physical contact, attention, and love.

My two week “getting acquainted visit” with Baby Ryan is ending today. It saddens me that I must return to my world. However, I am grateful and confident that I’m leaving him in very good hands. He is lucky to have two loving and caring parents who know what to do and will do anything for him.

Thankfully, I have something to look forward to. I’ve already been asked to block off May and July dates for babysitting gigs. (Woo hoo!!!! I guess “old” Bubbie didn’t do too bad of a job.)

Next? On the plane, I have to make a list of the baby stuff I need to buy before May…including butt paste!

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