When I first heard about #30DaysofHappy, I thought it was utterly ridiculous. Just another social media “trending” item to get people to post things on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and who knows what else. A stupid waste of time.

But then I really thought about the concept. The idea (that doesn’t take up much time at all) simply is this… Take a picture – every day for thirty days – of something that makes you happy and post it for your friends to see. Okay, I said to myself, Why not? I can do this. Let’s focus on one thing a day that makes me happy.

And so I started. And here’s what I learned:

  1. I’m an exhibitionist. I post too many pictures of myself. (I blame it all on “selfies.)
  2. I’m of an age where I need my creature comforts; Chanel perfume, good and strong coffee, red wine, a thick medium-rare steak, luxurious hot baths, etc. (Hey, I work hard. Don’t I deserve these things?)
  3. I am attracted to pretty and shiny things. (Who doesn’t like bling?)
  4. I breathe more deeply in the warmth of sunrises and sunsets. (Sigh!)
  5. I have an adventurous side. (Work hard and play hard.)
  6. I am fortunate enough to have a close inner circle of people who love me for me; and I passionately love them back. (I’d kill for them…you know what I mean?)
  7. I admire and respect people who tell it like it is (no BS) and who are authentic selves. (What you see is what you get.)
  8. I enjoy traveling. (Especially to my overseas “home away from home.”)
  9. I love a good dirty joke.
  10. I prefer to see the world though bright colorizing filters.

Finding something that makes you happy on a daily basis becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Even more to the point, a quote that I posted on Instagram, sums up the #30DaysofHappy experience that I embarked upon quite well:


I feel blessed that I’ve reached a phase in life where I mostly can do things that make me happy. But, that’s also because I CHOOSE to be happy. And, if a sunny disposition, a quick smile, a good laugh, or a positive attitude makes someone else’s day…even better!

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