The Power of Red Lipstick

My friend, Merav Shami, is a personal stylist. She has found her passion in fashion. She simply wants women to look and feel their very best. So, she works with clients to bring out their inner beauty.

As she develops her brand and establishes a presence in the Israeli market, Merav also acknowledges and respects the roots of fashion. For example, she offers women a styling and shopping trip to Rome. (I’m waiting for the trip to Paris!!!) She pays homage to the creatives and the greats. She embraces textures and colors. I respect Merav’s talent, focus, determination, and drive. I also admire her chosen playground.

Fashion is not something I really follow or know much about. I do know you can dress well at affordable prices, but I’m lazy. I’m not a good shopper, so I tend to avoid the experience. I found a look, brand, and style that work for me and I’ve stuck with them for years (perhaps too long?). That said, I do appreciate the feeling of owning a glamorous gown (thank you, Suzanne Ermann) … wanting a pair of kick-butt stilettos (I am going to buy those Christian Louboutin’s one day!) … coveting that unique designer clutch. Fashion can be fun and flirty. It can make you stand taller…feel more confident. It can transform you.

Fashion, however, isn’t just about clothes, shoes, and accessories. It’s also about hair and makeup. These are more in line with my personal obsession…which is why I noticed Merav’s Instagram post today. I love the image and the sentiment:


Merav challenges us with, “Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Feeling a little down? Not your best? Red lipstick improves your mood instantly….[it] declares to the world that you’re here and you want to be noticed. It’s sexy and sharp and gives you a presence….”

As a redhead, I must be careful with the shade I choose, but I’ll confess…when I do wear red lipstick…well, I feel a little je ne sais quois. It does make a statement of sorts. It illustrates a boldness. It shows you’re daring. It leaves a mark (literally) wherever you choose to leave one….which makes you hard to forget. There’s just something about red lipstick, right?

Here’s the bottom line…when you’re dressed and made up properly, you are showing the world the best version of yourself.  And you’re seen in return. That’s what it’s all about.

Be the best you that you can be.

Check out Merav Shami by clicking here.

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