Change of Seasons

This past month, transitions took place all around me. Weddings. Graduations. Promotions. Terminations. Resignations. Births. Deaths. Moves to new homes. Each represents an opportunity to start anew…to write a new chapter.

Some changes were sought and welcomed. Some were forced. Others were a long time in coming. Some had been avoided. But all offer the chance to make new choices and to create a new reality. All should be embraced with an open mind and creativity.

But the cynic in me wonders…Who will bring worn baggage along? Who will fall back into old habits? Who will refuse to go beyond a comfort zone? Who will forget why change was necessary or why a new opportunity was sought? Who is doomed to make the same mistakes? Who will fail in merely because of a lack of skills, intention or confidence?

When Meghan and Harry married, I was annoyed by those who already were betting on how long the marriage would last. Statistics were offered (based on their age, her previous marriage, etc.) to support the votes that were cast. But, unfortunately, unless the couple truly works to make their relationship a success — if they don’t dare to be different — the naysayers will have it.

And so it is with new jobs, homes, etc.


The summer months are upon us. The season and its naturally slower pace will dictate changes to which we’ll easily adapt. But let’s exert some optimistic intentionality.

The fall will arrive all too quickly.

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