The C-Plan

I am not going to say the “C” word….not the long nor the short version of it. Everyone knows what I mean anyway. The “C” word shows no prejudice or racism. Everyone is affected by it in some way and it’s all everyone around the world is talking about daily.

The effects of this “C” word truly have rippled their way around the globe. Beyond the health risks, all aspects of life as we know it have been disrupted. While our movements initially were curtailed by travel-related restrictions, we no longer can go to classrooms, offices, stadiums, theaters, weddings, or even to synagogues or churches.

And so, while everyone was running out to buy toilet paper, I sat down and developed my list of “to do” items to take advantage of being stuck at home for over a month. Times like these are great opportunities to hit “reset” and get stuff done….

  1. Work out! Take an inventory of your workout equipment. Focus on losing those extra five pounds (or more) that mysteriously showed up this winter. Spring and summer are right around the corner.
  2. Cook and eat in! Clean out your fridge and freezer and stock up like you’re preparing for a holiday meal and a houseful of visitors. (Aren’t leftovers from Thanksgiving even better the day after?)
  3. Develop new eating habits! While I hate the word “diet,” start that detox you’ve been avoiding. Start juicing. Drinking smoothies. Eating healthy.
  4. Contact family and friends! If your normal busy life — or this time of self-quarantines — has separated you, use technology (e.g. Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Teams, etc.) to video-chat and catch up with those with whom you want to remain in touch.
  5. Set up a proper work space! If you are stuck working from home, create a space in which you can work. The kitchen and dining room tables, the family room couch, or your bed are not ideal. Even if you must use a folding table, rearrange your furnishings to make room for an “office” type of environment where you’ll be able to focus and get work done.
  6. Read a book! Not only should you read some books that have been “on the shelf,” but you should consider creating a bookclub so you and your friends can get online and chat about your choices.
  7. Binge watch! Since you cannot watch sports or go to the movies, snuggle under a blanket (preferably with your sweetie) and catch up on the series and movies you’ve missed.
  8. Clean out your closets! Spring is right around the corner. This is the perfect time to clean out your closets, drawers, pantries, and cabinets. Get organized.
  9. Catch up on household chores! Redecorate. Fix that leak. Strip that floor. Buy those new lamps. Repot those overgrown plants. Stop procrastinating!
  10. Love yourself! Most importantly, this is stressful time. Make sure you take care of YOU. Take long baths. Take advantage of home facials, mud masks, and body scrubs. Meditate or try yoga and stretching exercises to promote relaxation. Have a daily glass of wine.

In the category of “making lemonade out of lemons,” this is my C-Plan to get through the next thirty or so days. I hope you’ll make your own!


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