The Highlight of My Year

It’s the last day of 2020 and it’s safe to say everyone is eager to put the year behind us. From a global perspective, the negative effects of the pandemic were felt – in some way, shape, or form – by all of humankind. I think it’s obvious that this was not a good year.

And yet, when tomorrow comes and we embrace 2021, what will have changed? Actually…nothing. The day-to-day landscape will be the same as it’s been for the past few weeks. Or will it

Many experienced moments of happiness and gratitude, despite horrors and challenges, in 2020. Families, friends, and co-workers found ways to be together…albeit through barriers that kept us apart physically. People acquired new skills and made positive changes in their lives. Most importantly, we learned how live each day – even in meaningful ways – in a very altered world. 

I must confess that this year, although my travel and company’s work were put on hold, ended up being pretty darn good. The main highlight occurred in February, when my son and daughter-by-marriage announced they were expecting. The prospective birth of a baby, and being able to get month-by-month status updates, gave me something positive on which to focus. Then Evan’s birth, and his (and his older brother’s) progress since, kept me thinking about and planning for the future. It’s all simply wonderful.

But even this highlight can’t outshine the time I spent with my husband this year. I won’t sugar-coat it; too many days were boring and monotonous. Doing laundry, planning meals, doing projects around the house, and working longer-than-necessary hours at our respective desks in our respective home-offices, was depressing. I simply am not meant to be cooped up 24/7 with only one person! And yet, being with him on walks with the dogs, hiking along new trails, taking road-trips to see the kids and my parents, and snuggling on the couch to watch TV, kept me sane.

Throughout this weird year, my husband and I realized we still like each other. We talked. We planned for our twilight years. He always was, and still is, my best friend…my rock. He’s the guy who still gets and accepts me…even with the “quaran-ten” I can’t get rid of. He’s still the one I’m happy to see as I awake each day. And as time goes by, I learn more and more how truly lucky I am to be his.

Tomorrow will be different. It’ll be the start of a new year that we can approach with new hopes and plans. We can look forward to rejoining society in more safe and significant ways. We can learn from the good and bad of 2020 and take baby steps to do better. We have a new chance to be different.

This year, I won’t enter 2021 with a long list of resolutions. Though I will make five. 

  1. I will go snow-skiing. 
  2. I will get back to Israel. 
  3. I will visit my parents more. 
  4. I will spend more time with my children.
  5. And, I will do #1 through #4 with my husband.

I’m clear. I’m focused. I’m determined. I’m happy. Bring on 2021!!!

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